Blinking in the Brackens

by Return To Normal

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Lee Lucas
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Lee Lucas The 2nd album from the fine couple contains 12 tracks over 49 minutes. The material for this album is a lot stronger and its very much an album that works very well from the first song to the last, with perhaps only "Tyburn Fair" letting it down slightly. The album flows like a fine wine with one track leading into the other as it transgresses along, and will have you coming back for more. It's very much a solid body of work with many classics along its path. I would recommend this album 100%. Favorite track: From Ripley County.
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released December 15, 2012

All songs composed, arranged, performed and recorded by Corinne and Marty Lucas, except lyrics by Say on "For Silke", and with brass by Mark Biegel. Mix and master by Jon Huxtable, who also played drums on "From Ripley County". Artwork by Marty Lucas.



all rights reserved


Return To Normal North Judson, Indiana

Return to Normal is Corinne and Marty Lucas -- mostly acoustic oriented new folk with a theatrical and storytelling approach, rich tonal blends and a subtle infusion of jazz and soul elements.

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Track Name: The Collector's Dream
I woke from dreaming,
every little thing I owned
was piled up in the river's mud.

The waters streaming,
I tossed aside the sodden logs
my clothes in boxes in the flood.

Release these things,
let them go
See the water,
watch it flow.

I stood there singing,
a melody by Édith Piaf,
the man from France he had to laugh.
He said we are surrounded
by skeletons and souvenirs,
faces changed by time -- or death.

Release these things,
let them go
See the water,
watch it flow.

Release these things…
Track Name: Platinumoon
Sand that sifts golden to a sun that was stolen
by a girl who left footprints, in between lullabies,
to a glade underneath a platinum moon,
there's not enough room for the thumpy-thump heartbeat
so I left the lover inside.

All my parades, all our little charades,
a secret betrayed by slip of your tongue
on some astral plain i heard your voice calling
in a mysterious tune to a thumpy-thump heartbeat.

In coincident timing, a distant bell was chiming.
A crystal cathedral appeared in my mind,
we slipped through the tall grass,
abandoned all time and mass,
just the thumpy-thump heartbeat,
play the phrase, and then repeat,
just the heartbeat.
Track Name: For Silke
You're searching for the cause of the pain,
at him, at her, your husband, your mother, your father.
I can see the child, crying.
Dashed and alone, faces turn around, lots in your life.
Your friends were there for your,
found you a place to stay until he's gone.
Now you're alone, and feeling so afraid,
in a life that never gives.
You believe in nothing, just the pain.

There's only left to look inside,
see yourself, breaking limits.
The time has come to recognize,
the child you never wanted to be.
You'll find a way through,
even though it's hard to see,
no one else can do it for you.

I can only be a mediator between here and there,
I'll be on your side on the way to your self,
a shoulder to lean on.
You don't have to pardon what they have done
or forgive them this time.
Just accept that it was, and know this...
now it's done.

Open the door to freedom of mind.
Track Name: Mary Rosso
Somehow it seemed like tomorrow,
sometimes I dream away sorrow,
to a someplace where you're with me,
somewhere far away.

A man like me,
his chances so low,
you listened to me, Mary Rosso,
I never got hold of nothing easy,
but what I got, I don't let go.

Have another glass of red wine.
Don't remind me
of the ticking bomb of time,
we've all got our problems,
Mary, let me tell you mine.

It's cold in this sideshow,
please keep me warm, Mary Rosso.
Though I know this ain't
the standard or style your
are accustomed to.

Final frame, nowhere to go,
asleep on train,
guess I'm some kind of hobo.
I'd a loved you if I could,
but that never turns out good.

Have another glass of red wine,
don't try to tell me
I'm running out of time,
thanks for remembering my name --
I'll see you some sunny tomorrow,
Mary Rosso.

Have another glass…
Track Name: Tyburn Fair
To Tyburn Fair
I used to go,
to watch the just procession,
and eat the oranges
the dead would throw
and hear their last confessions.

To Tyburn Fair
I used to go,
to hear the minstrels sing,
their tragic tales of highwaymen,
common criminals,
enemies of the king.

To Tyburn Fair
on a Saturday,
across the road a beam of wood.
The bones of Cromwell
dangled in the fog,
the Maid of Kent last stood
at Tyburn Fair--
I used to go there,
but now I'm bound for Newgate.
The wheels of progress
ground me in the mud,
a proper end, a tool of fate.

(we'll bury you at crossroads,
we dare not speak or pray,
we'll fill the trench with common earth,
and then we'll walk away.)
Track Name: Solitary Oak
The solitary oak,
if it grows at all,
sends it taproot way down deep,
doesn't grow too fast.

A solitary oak,
if it's going to last,
it grows broad, it grows dense,
it doesn't grow too fast.

They claimed in ancient lore,
sometimes it is a door.
Track Name: Calendar
Calendar calls to me,
deadlines coming on again.
They never end.
I get confused.

But I like the way
the sun shines better,
so low in these chilly skies,
the distant blue, luminous in clouds of grey.
It reminds of your eyes,
between the rainclouds.

You're so far.
You're miles from here.
Back secure in your hometown,
I should have known,
I should have known.

Still i like the way
the sun sets early,
red in the rust of this horizon.
Sometimes I seem to need a reason.
Other times I make another try.
Make another try.

Calendar gives its orders.
Now it's my time to go,
Go down into that old desk drawer.
into a dark and disused corner.

I should know,
I should have seen it coming.
Well, yes, I guess I saw it coming.

Down your road,
down your street,
down your lane.
Track Name: From Ripley County
I went down to New Orleans,
but I didn't mean to stay.
My head got caught in a feather bed.
I couldn't get away.

Now there's pinching bugs,
climbing up on the porch,
and lightning bugs,
blinking in the brackens,
a chorus of tree frogs
singing in reverse,
if you've go the answer
then ask 'em.

So I shaved, I bathed,
I brushed my teeth twice.
Washed my favorite jeans,
practiced talking real nice.
Arced over the moon
by a brush of her hair,
and when she stopped over,
well, I know we were there.

Now I'm back from New Orleans,
and I swear I'm home to stay.
This muddy road,
this rough, rocky farm,
until my final day.

But there's frost feathers cloaking
this cracked window pane,
that constant west wind
like to howl me insane
it hums in my ears,
it seeps into my brain,
these corn stubble fields,
well, they never seem to change.

So I wish you well,
my ex-soon-to-be,
if you're seeking to blame,
do no wonder.
For now rival could ever
keep us apart,
and I'll love you forever,
but after.

I went down to New Orleans,
but I didn't mean to stay.
My head got caught in a feather bed.
I couldn't get away.
Track Name: Hated River
Listen June,
you don’t belong here.
You are young and you are strong.
Walk in the sunshine for awhile.
You are noon.
This place is always midnight,
though you fight all that’s wrong
I tell you this is but the first of nine.
You can’t cross over
this hated river
until your bones are buried in the ground.
It is not time.
Its not yet your December.
You cannot see the face
dreaded even by the immortal gods.
in her stony palace
beneath the silver pillars ,
her name alone
is an oath to Jupiter.
The water is so wide.
You can’t cross over.
for your mother or your father
or even for your lover.
You can’t cross over
his poison water.
You can’t evade
the hell-hounds at the gate.
You dare not meet the child
of the ocean tides of fate.
And even if you could -
and even if you did...
If you crossed over
this hated river
then never, never, never
Would you return.
Track Name: Kindness
Those who walk in peace
aren't burdened by a rifle.

On his pilgrimage
the humble monk fears no one.

Defenseless and along,
still he fears no one.

You seek kindness,
you need love.

If you seek kindness,
then bring kindness.
If you need love,
then bring love.
If you need love,
then bring love.

If you wreak destruction,
the flames will burn your skin.

In the darkness,
eyes grow dim.

Blood lust revenge
spawns a savage cycle
but tend to orchards,
and you'll feast among the flowers.

If you seek kindness,
then bring kindness.
If you need love,
then bring love.
If you need love,
then bring love.

(Those who walk in peace
aren't burdened by a rifle.)